About the Region

The foundation of Dougbe River Presbyterian School is literally the 12 villages who came together to support its creation. Through the gift of 150 acres of land, they demonstrated their full support for the school, its mission, and its ongoing operations. This support has never faltered, despite the challenges inherent in building and maintaining a campus in such a remote location.

A parent-teacher organization, comprised of participants from all 12 villages, meets regularly to provide input and feedback into the school’s operation. And they organize volunteer work crews to clear the brush from the road so it continues to be accessible throughout the year and help farm workers during peak periods like harvests. In return, the school opens its facilities, such as the playing field and the new cafeteria to provide a central location for gatherings and celebrations.

In truth, the school itself is a collaboration with the community, with careful consideration given to ensuring its programs are in direct response to the needs they express.