Where We Are

The campus sits on 150 acres of land donated by local leaders. The parcel straddles the border between the villages of Sayuo and Buway in a remote part of Liberia near the border with Ivory Coast. The Dougbe River, for which the school is named, flows along one edge of the land. The school, like the river, is a resource for all of the villages around it.

The original campus has been expanded with additional teacher houses, latrines, wells and pumps, and storage for crops harvested from the farm. A new cafeteria/kitchen and community center was just completed on the campus this summer to replace the former open air kitchen and gives the students a place, other than the classroom, to socialize with one another. In addition, with books donated by churches and schools in the states, one of the rooms in the classroom buildings has been converted to a library, the first in the county.

From the original two acres used to grow peppers and vegetables, the farm has expanded to 30 acres planted in rice, plantain, cassava, and vegetables overseen by four full-time agricultural experts.