Educating Children

”Our mission is to reach out to rural people with education and Christianity. Our vision is that Liberian young people, empowered by education can develop their nation and profoundly reduce poverty. We serve Christian and non-Christian people. Our school is open to all children regardless of religion, age, race, gender or ethnic group. We stand for peace, unity, reconciliation, honesty and development. This day – our day, the day that God has made – we can rejoice and be glad.”

Our mission statement above highlights our singular focus on using the power of education to provide pathways out of poverty for the children, youth, and communities in the remote part of Liberia we serve.

Currently the school provides education for over 240 students across preschool through grade nine. 55% are female, 45% are male. Most live in the four closest villages and walk approximately 2-1/2 miles each way to school. 84 students live on campus with staff.