Where We’re Going

The Dougbe River Presbyterian School has always been intended as a boarding school. Little-by-little, it’s getting there. Currently, the student body is comprised of mostly children and youth within walking distance of the school (approximately four miles in either direction). This limits our service to five of the 12 villages. The culmination of the school’s vision to serve all 12 villages is still a number of years away and involves:

  • Establishment of reliable, renewable electricity on campus that provides enough generation and storage for current and future needs.
  • Construction and staffing of a medical dispensary on campus for feminine hygiene products and basic heathcare supplies, as well as a clinic for onsite routine medical care.
  • Expansion of farm capacity and crops to create a consistent revenue stream for school operations.
  • Construction of an additional classroom building for high school classes and related instructional spaces (sciences lab, computer lab, etc.).
  • Construction and staffing of girls and boys dormitories.