Supporting Food Security

In regions where families rely on what they can grow as their primary source of food, what children can do is often more important than what they can learn. After all, a child who spends all day in school is not available to weed the field or keep the deer away from the plants or harvest the crops. Providing a child an education undermines the family’s ability to feed themselves.

That’s why the school is committed to providing a nutritious, filling lunch every day free of charge. Using 30 acres of the land donated by the villages, we operate a farm planted in rice, plantain, cassava, and vegetables to support the feeding of the children. Crops not used in the lunch program are taken to market and sold to help fund the operations of the school.

And plans for future growth include the raising of livestock like pigs and chickens (for meat and eggs), the expansion of arable land for commodity crops like palm and cacao, and the extension of community services like a rice mill.