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As the Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia begins its 7th year, it is announcing the Safe Spaces campaign, a capital campaign dedicated to raising $200,000 to fund the construction of two dormitories on campus, one for boys and one for girls, to address the growing need for the education of children from the more remote villages.

Safe Spaces is focused entirely on getting children off of floors and into beds…on constructing buildings designed to support and promote the wellbeing of all of the children living on the campus by providing sleeping quarters, latrines, showers, laundry rooms, and common study areas in secure buildings overseen by qualified, dedicated adults.

You can help make this dream a reality! Make a donation or pledge your financial support today.

Mail Donations to:
Dougbe River School
Attn: Capital Campaign
P.O. Box 18017
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Make a Capital Campaign Gift Now!