Dougbe River Presbyterian School
2023 Holiday Giving

Hello and Happy Holidays to our Dougbe River School Community of donors on whom we depend for support. We’ve created a Holiday Giving Catalog, complete with smiling models! We hope you will take a look, and find the perfect gift donation to purchase in honor of someone you love – your children, grandchildren, mom or dad, teachers, nurses, doctors, sports enthusiasts, or even the chefs in your life. Once you’ve filled your shopping cart, proceed to check-out and you’ll immediately receive certificates (pdf) describing each item you’ve purchased. These can be printed and personalized for giving. Happy shopping!


School Supplies

Paper, composition books, pens, pencils, teacher lesson plans, glue, markers, calculators, school permits, grading sheet, cartridge refills and much, much more. All of these items are needed for students and their teachers every semester. Your gift will help us ensure they have all the supplies they need for a productive classroom experience.


Text Books

Each year we purchase workbooks published by the Liberian Ministry of Education for our younger students. These workbooks help ensure we cover all the critical information recommended for classes at every grade level. We also purchase reusable “hard back” text books for students in grades 7-9, that cover everything from science to language arts.


Teacher’s Salary

All of our teachers have college level degrees in teaching. A new teacher just starting out will earn $180/month plus housing and partial board. More experienced teachers with a Bachelor’s degree will earn as much as $250/month. Our dedicated teachers are key to our School’s success.



Kick Ball

The freedom to run and have fun is important to the well-being of children. DRPSL girls play Kick Ball and they are very serious about their sport. Between practice and intramural games, our kick balls get a real workout and need to be replaced regularly.


Soccer Ball

Many of the boys and young men at DRPSL play soccer constantly, whenever they can. It’s a rare sight to see the soccer field empty during lunch break or after school. You can guess all this activity is great for the kids, but tough on the equipment. We pay a pretty penny for our soccer balls each year, but it’s worth it!


Team Jerseys

A goal of the students is to upgrade their jerseys, as some of the teams are still using the jerseys gifted to the School by Hawken several years ago. Shoes and referee whistles are a luxury, but something we’d love to provide for our young athletes.


Good Health

Hand-Washing Supplies

Hand washing is critical to good health, and so we provide hand washing stations throughout campus, making it easy for students and staff to keep their hands clean. Each station contains a special solution of water, soap and disinfectant that helps kill germs, and viruses alike.


First Aid Kit

Members of our medical advisory team here in the U.S. worked with the faculty in Liberia to construct a list of medical supplies we should stock in case of illness or injury. We keep our first aid kit well stocked and readily at hand – just in case.


Trip to the Clinic

When an illness or injury calls for a medical professional, we are fortunate to have an excellent medical clinic just an hour away by motorbike. When a student or staff member needs to go to the clinic, we provide transportation, and in the case of staff members, cover their expenses.


Culinary Delights

Cooking Oil & Seasonings

On every school day, students at the Dougbe River School enjoy a hot lunch. Rice, fruits, and vegetables are grown on our school farm, and they are cooked fresh daily, but seasonings and cooking oil need to be purchased to keep those lunches tasting great.


Student Dishes

Our delicious lunches are served in reusable bowls, with a reusable forks or spoons. With so many hungry children, those dishes get a workout, and they need to be replaced occasionally. Our cook’s helpers do their best to wash and reuse these dishes throughout the two-hour lunch period, but more bowls would sure take the pressure off our poor dishwashers.


Large Cooking Pot

Mr. Karmee is so pleased with his modern wood stove, but he could sure use a few more cooking pots to keep up with the demands of our growing student body. These special pots fit snugly into the opening of the brick stove, ensuring that no heat escapes and the food cooks evenly and quickly. Who needs a microwave with a stove like ours!