As the world suffers from the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, the Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia is highly concerned about her students dwelling both on campus and at home with their parents within the communities, towns and villages in and around Glio/Twarbo Region, Konobo District.

Speaking with the Executive Director Mr. Isaac Monah via mobile phone, Mr. Monah expressed his concerns about the situation and he is hoping to see that preventive methods are taken throughout the region and especially on the mission. “I am currently in Ghana where I spent two days at the Ghanaian’s airport before the airport was closed. After that I was moved to a local hotel and quarantined for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, I was released from the hotel and I had to find a place to stay whilst I wait for the next available flight to the US**”. Mr Monah expressed gratitude to the Ghanaian Government saying they took good care of him during the time he spent at the hotel on quarantine.

Whilst he is still trying to find his way out of Ghana to the US, Mr. Monah is appealing to all donors to support Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia (DRPSL) so as to help students, staff, and residents of the area. He also urges the various communities, towns, and villages to follow all preventive measures and has asked the staff of the institution to engage the communities in open awareness meetings to sensitize them about the corona virus.

Speaking to some communities’ elders and dwellers, they express their fear of this disease and are appealing to Mr. Monah to assist them in providing items that can be used in fighting this virus as he did during the Ebola crisis. The elders fear that people who are crossing the border illegally will bring the virus for them and their children. The elders requested for some materials to help prevent them from getting the virus. Below is the list of items requested:

  • Buckets with faucet for hand washing stations

  • Bleach for hand wash solutions

  • Alcohol-based hands rub or sanitizers

  • PPE for exposed or affected persons when transferring

  • Hand gloves

  • Face masks

Teachers of the institution explained that the students are staying home for an indefinite time, because the government declared a state of emergency and gave a directive that all schools must be closed on 21 March 2020. The teachers have decided to stay on campus to carry on awareness throughout the towns and villages and to continue to give work to the students. They are spending their time planning for home lessons and doing evaluations to help keep students minds focused on their lessons while observing preventive measures.

The teachers are sending a message to all donors which says thank you all our donors who are always making sure that we are provided with all the necessary support. May God almighty continue to bless you all, Amen.

** Editor’s note – on 4/15/2020, Isaac Monah boarded a plane back to the U.S. He is expected to arrive back in the States this evening.