On the 13th-14th of December 2020, a team of electricians arrived on the campus of Dougbe River Presbyterian School to do the installations of the solar panels to supply electricity to the school.

The installation work was completed on the 14th of December 2020 in the Auditorium which is now providing electricity in and around the Auditorium with the students now enjoying cool water and other freezable things on campus.

The Student council election was conducted on January 22, 2021 to replace the outgoing leadership.

A election which brought two political parties; Students Redemption Party Against Students Avocation Party with Students Redemption Party been declared as winner. The new leaders are:

  1. Enidee N. Tarley as President
  2. Edwin B. T. Tailey as Vice President
  3. Winston G. Tarlue as Speaker

The school will be completing her first marking period activities on January 28, 2021 to begin second period activities on February 1, 2021.


  1. Repainting of the school buildings to give the campus a fresh look for 2021.
  2. The freezer is now providing freezing properly
  3. One of the student’s substance injury while practicing on the campus and is now undergoing treatment
  4. Bees project and farm update is coming soon
  5. There is an information that Ministry of Education wants to have a stakeholder meeting/Conference with Private and Mission Schools in the Country with date not known yet.


The challenges of the school is the road leading to the School. The road is deplorable during rainy season and the holes left are also causing problem in the dry season.