In January the Board of Directors approved the hiring of Ms. Carol Momo as a campus nurse at the school. The pilot program began in March using designated funds from interested donors and holiday giving donations. At the end of a six month trial, the Board will determine if the assignment will be permanent. Ms. Momo received her BS degree in Nursing at Cuttington University, Suakoko, Bong County and an internship sponsored by the Ministry of Health at Zeansue Clinic in Bong County. She is certified in Basic Life Training Skills from the Liberia Board of Nursing and Midwifery.
Sick students on campus are now evaluated at the school. Medical histories and physicals are performed and details are recorded in the students’ medical records. Medicines are prescribed from a mini-pharmacy now located on campus. If a student is more seriously ill, Ms. Momo will accompany the student to the Regional Health Care Facility in Zwedru for management, and participate in follow-up. Ms Momo has been warmly welcomed by both students and staff alike. She is very excited and enthusiastic about contributing to the students’ health and well being. She is an advisor for the Student Health Club and will be participating in education programs.