Greetings supporters of the Dougbe River School,

As you heard in our last update, we are monitoring very closely how the COVID-19 situation is affecting Liberia, and particularly the Dougbe River School. We wanted to follow up by sharing some news about Executive Director Isaac Monah, who was in Liberia as the virus began making its way around the globe, and becoming a factor in the United States.

Isaac had plans to travel back to the US from Monrovia on Friday, March 20th. His original itinerary would have taken him through Brussels. When Europe began shutting down, he was forced to take an alternate route via Accra, Ghana. After he left Monrovia and arrived at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, he learned that his connecting airline had suspended operations, thereby canceling his flight to the US. He had to stay in the airport overnight, along with many other travelers from various parts of the world, who were unsure about their flying fates. The Ghanaian government eventually decided to shutdown the airport and Isaac was ushered into government buses and taken to a local hotel for quarantining.

All of the travelers were tested for novel coronavirus. Fortunately, Isaac tested negative. However, he will have to remain in the hotel for 14 days. He will be tested again before he is allowed to leave. (By the time most of you read this, he should be awaiting the results of that follow-up test.) Once cleared, he will be able to stay in a hotel of his choosing, and work with the US Embassy on completing his journey home. He has also been in touch with Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office.

Isaac has done his best to stay active in his room, and is keeping close tabs on the operations of the school. He sends his regards to everyone and asks that you continue to pray for his safe passage back to the US, for the students and staff of the Dougbe River School, and all who are suffering because of the virus.

Mercy and peace be with you all,

Francis Miller