November 29, 2020 was a happy day for students and their families in the Glio/Twarbo region, Konobo District, Grand Gedeh County.
The Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia (DRPSL) 2020/2021 academic year opening ceremony was attended by over 200 people including students, parents and media representatives in the county.

The students displayed their talents by dramas, recitations, solos and speeches of inspiration. The students expressed their gratitude to the founders, Board of Directors and sponsors for their supportive role and asked the government of Liberia to play her part to ensure quality education and attending to the road leading to the school and district.

During the ceremony the outgoing president gave a touching farewell speech as she handed over the presidency to the deputy president in the interim asking every student and staff to support her deputy as they work with her for the growth of the institution.

The founder, Mr. Isaac Monah, on behalf of the board and sponsors, thanked the community, teaching staff and the PTA for keeping the dream to provide quality education for children in the region alive. He said the board is ready to do more but will need the commitment of the community to play their role in supporting the school. He mentioned that the solar project to provide electricity on campus was in progress and there are more planned projects including the construction of dormitories. He said that the planned projects were delayed by the COVID19 pandemic and urged the students and community to continue praying for the school.

The arrival of Mr. Isaac Tarley Monah, DRPSL Founder, Executive Director and Proprietor, DRPSL on campus