16 acres of farmland planted with Plantain, Pineapple, Cassava, Cocoa, Yam and Corn. The Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia is doing everything possible to support agriculture in the Glio/Twarbo Region.

New Extension of DRPSL Farm


Since 2012, Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia has been into agriculture activities. Speaking with the agriculture agent who spearheads the agricultural activities for the institution, he explained that he has been taking care of the farm for the past eight years up to present. We also have plantain, pineapple and corn that are planted on the farm and still are more to come.

Photos of some crops
planted on the farm




Bees Project

The institution also has ten bee hives that have been built for honeybees, and currently seven conceived with honeybees and the remaining three are still empty.

After being declared a state of emergency for 90 days, the Republic of Liberia however, continues to receive more cases of COVID-19.

Citizens are going through difficult times as they observed the stay home order because government is not providing food for citizens which makes living condition difficult. Citizens are however still observing all preventive measures to keep the spread of the virus while awaiting further order from government.

School Development Update

In order to keep the minds of students focused on their lessons, the DRPSL has been doing everything possible for their students both staying on and out of the mission by providing home lessons for students which is very important and is helping students.

Speaking with one of the students, she openly narrated that they are well taking care of by the administration of the DRPSL.

“We are grateful to the Administration, Sponsors and Donors of the Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia for their efforts toward our education as they continue to provide us handouts even as we are staying at home. As you can see, we are doing well and observing all preventive measures as instructed by our teachers.”